About me

Hey there! Im Caroline, a sixteen year old junior in high school, and an enthusiast of all things "beauty, fashion, and life" related. I am a major introvert, which is probably why blogging is becoming a hobby of mine. I am a big animal lover, Movie buff,  and bookworm (potterhead). I love to travel and I hope to one day travel the world. Blogging is very new to me, so bare with me and we can go through this journey together. If you are looking for inspiration or relatable blogs, you'll feel right at home here!


  1. Hey,
    I wanted to say I love your blog! Its so nice and also, IM A INTROVERT AND A POTTERHEAD TOO!! keep up this amazing Blog
    Leah xx

  2. Im sorry I'm just now seeing this, but thank you soo much Leah!! You made my day! I would love to become blogger friends :)